July 10, 2012 (Day 58)

Who Stole Our Tile?

I’m sure that we are not the first people in the pantheon of home remodelers who have faced the dreaded color mismatch. During Part 1 of our remodel, we added a new staircase that leads down into the basement. At the bottom of that staircase we installed some beautiful green hexagonal tile. Although we wanted to extend the tiled flooring into the cellar, we ran out of money so we decided to leave the floor of the cellar as concrete with the plan to finish the flooring later when we could afford it.

Now that we can afford it, we ordered another batch of the green tile. But more than 4 years have passed and the process the manufacturer is using now resulted in a very slight but noticeable change in the color and luster of the tile. We had no choice but to rip up the existing tile and replace it with the new batch.

In other news, we have to delay installation of the attic flooring until the humidity of the sub floor drops to 10%. It’s currently at 12%.