July 22, 2012 (Day 70)

Attic Closet

Tim spent most of Sunday building some more cabinets. This time it was for the closet in the attic bedroom. The closet is quite a bit bigger than it was in the original floor plan thanks to having removed the chimney in Part 1 of the remodel. Most of the space available for the hanging rods used to be chimney.

The carcasses are built out of melamine laminated particle board and the face frames will be made out of poplar, painted to match the trim.

Paul has been quite busy the last week with the attic stairs. He was able to level the treads so they no longer slant toward the inside of the staircase. Mike finished most of the trim work in the rest of the attic. The floors are ready to be sanded on Tuesday but we’re trying to nail down a stain to match our original floor color. In Part 1 we used a trick of covering the initial stain with a shellac, but this trick is apparently to be avoided since some of the varnishes used now are incompatible with the shellac.